We are looking for partners with the following traits:

Innovative | Passionate | Bold
Ambitious | Pioneer for sustainability

Transparent and diverse corporate culture

Taking respect as the core; emphasizing two-way communication; offering an open and bright office environment, and removing conflicts in team relationships


Unlimited supply of desserts and coffee, helping to energize employees to embrace challenges. Occasional tea gathering and group dinners to build of good bonds with colleagues. Occasional sports events and board games to shape an atmosphere full of enthusiasm and vitality


A workplace that is safe and friendly

A workplace with ISO-45001 certification, which provides a healthy office environment with a focus on the physical and mental health of colleagues, a priority on safety, and a structure of flattened organization, thus allowing unlimited creativity and gender friendliness. (YES #METOO )

Application Process


Job search


Resume review


Invitation to interview


Functional assessment and interview


Admission notification


Registration/ Newcomers’ Orientation

Our Salary

Compensations partly depend on the yearly operational performance of the Company
Stock subscription|Dividend|Performance bonus|Year-end bonus, etc. are available to employees

Employee Benefits

HD Renewable Energy Co.,Ltd.


Annual physical checkups|Labor Insurance|National Health Insurance|Group insurance

HD Renewable Energy Co.,Ltd.


ISO-45001 certification | Employee health care and management | Work Environment Measurement - Lighting monitoring | Carbon dioxide monitoring | Drinking water monitoring | Information security management | Compliance management - Regular internal audit | Annual external audit

HD Renewable Energy Co.,Ltd.


Employee trips|Birthday cash gifts|Meal allowances|Meal subsidies|Subsidies for weddings, funerals, celebrations, or festivities

HD Renewable Energy Co.,Ltd.

Optimization of rest space

Additional comprehensive rest space which provides diverse resources for physical and mental balance, where unused space has been arranged as cozy corners for employees’ stress relief needs and as breastfeeding rooms for female employees’ nursing needs|Continuing to optimize the space planning of each office to provide a multi-functional office and a beneficial environment for the body and mind

HD Renewable Energy Co.,Ltd.


Cash gifts (and/or gifts) for the three major festivals|Cash gifts for festivals|Year-end company party  

HD Renewable Energy Co.,Ltd.


Career and learning development|Team management training|Subsidies for employees’ education and training

HD Renewable Energy Co.,Ltd.

Work environment |Education trainings

Sexual harassment prevention is included in the new employees’ orientation materials|Drills of firefighting safety are conducted semi-annually, and training and workshops on firefighting are carried out regularly at each plant area|Occupational safety and health training and health promotion courses are held regularly|Subsidies are available for employees in their pursuit of education and training|Professional/ certification courses are offered on occupational safety health|The minimum number of hours and number of classes per year are defined for employees’ mandatory environmental training|Training courses for all-round talent development are provided, including training on professional skills, management, occupational safety, new hires, etc. Experience-oriented activities, case studies, group discussions, and film watching are designed according to the attributes of different courses, to enrich the learning experience and add more lively elements into the courses.

HD Renewable Energy Co.,Ltd.


Allocation of leisure funds under the new system|Department-wide meal gatherings|Free dormitory for those engaged in construction work|Dessert and food pantries