HD Renewable Energy Co.,Ltd._Green power supply

Green power supply

Clean energy, start the future

Green electricity is not easy to obtain. It helps corporate customers to match the best green electricity solution, quickly transfer supply, and coordinate with carbon reduction announcements, set annual announcement goals, and accurately implement the RE 100 green electricity goals.

Intuitive power visualization

Clearly show the situation of electricity consumption at all times, with the most suitable green power transfer and consulting services, and achieve both energy saving and green power at one time.

Green Power Partners

Through the integration of power information, the information is at your fingertips

HD Renewable Energy Co.,Ltd._Data cloudification

Data cloudification

Aggregate past historical data and match real-time data comparison information

HD Renewable Energy Co.,Ltd._Electricity pricing

Electricity pricing

Using smart meters as the basis for electricity sales and pricing

HD Renewable Energy Co.,Ltd._power optimization

power optimization

Sharp off-peak power consumption distribution, matching the best power consumption plan

HD Renewable Energy Co.,Ltd._energy management

energy management

Provide real-time energy monitoring, abnormal notification, scheduling control, and energy-saving solutions