HD Renewable Energy Co.,Ltd._Beimen District, Tainan City

The first joint venture site of

HD Renewable Energy Co.,Ltd._Beimen District, Tainan City

Beimen District, Tainan City

Power Station Investment

Growing from building EPC, thus far HDRE has constructed and installed over 150 MW of capacity, fully demonstrating its engineering quality and construction strength. In 2020, favored by Taiwan Life, TransGlobe Life, and ACBEL POLYTECH, the Company joined hands with these business partners in building an investment platform for the construction of co-owned power stations. Currently, 60MW of capacity has been invested, and in the future, more power stations will be successively acquired and commissioned to HDRE for asset management and sale of green electricity. Capacity asset management In 2022, joint efforts were made between the Company and Taiwan Life, TransGlobe Life and Fubon Life, for the construction of the platform for fishery and electricity production symbiosis. Co-owning the power station, the Company strives to make contributions to both fishery and electricity production, joining hands with these business partners.

Cooperative Partners

SHORIZON COMPANY LIMITED, Taiwan Life, TransGlobe Life, ACBEL POLYTECH INC. Aquastar Energy Corporation Taiwan Life, TransGlobe Life, Fubon Life